Rubik's Pen Rubik's Mini Torch
Smart Safe Arcadie
Smart Safe
Like Foam Hand Social Shower Curtain
Emergency Moustache Toy Soldier Bookends
Emergency Moustache Toy Soldier Bookends
Potty Shooter Condiment Crayons
Potty Shooter Condiment Crayons Tomato Sauce Ketchup Mustard
Like Keychain Rubik's Desk Tidy
Like Keychain Rubik's Cube Desk Tidy
Like Coffee & Tea Mugs
Like Tea Like Coffee Mug
Social Talk Sticky Notes Tool Tank
Social Sticky notes Tool Tank
Apptoyz AppRacer Apptoyz AppCopter
Apptoyz Appracer iphone controlled car Apptoyz Appcopter iphone controlled helicopter
Apptoyz AppWheel iDock
Apptoyz Appwheel iDock iPhone phone dock
Rubik's Coasters Jukebox Money Bank
Rubiks Coasters Jukebox Money Box
Little Whizzer Shots Gun - Pump Action Drinks
Little Whizzer Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser Shots Gun
Self Stirring Mug Z Wind Ups
Plain Lazy Self Stirring Mug z wind ups


Are you looking for that something different for a corporate event or promotion? Do you want people to remember your brand or product? We have a strong grasp of global trends allowing us to custom design a unique product or suite of products to meet any budget. We have hundreds of products in our office ready to show you now, as well as access to the best the world has to offer. Contact one of the Gadget King team today to discuss your requirements.

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Are you an inventor? Do you have an idea for a new product? We at Gadget King can bring your idea to life and help you make money. Gadget King has unlimited manufacturing capabilities with great contact all over the globe. We would love to make your idea a reality and give you equity in your product. If you would like to discuss your options, we would love to hear from you. Either fill out the contact form or call us on 03 9532 5680.

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Australian Achiever Award 2009

Gadget King has been awarded Small Business Champion 2009 State Winner and won an ‘Excellence in Customer Relations’ Award in the 2009 Australian Achiever Awards. These are an independent, unbiased awards system based on assessment ratings from a business’ own customers.  Satisfied customers are a sign that our business is healthy and making a difference.